Trix Are For Kiddos

Does Toucan Sam like ice cream?

Available: All day, every day
$4.99 Regular | $5.99 Large
Wheat Wheat

Product Story

Follow your nose, follow your tastebuds, follow your instincts. Whatever your follow, you’re sure to find a companion in our Trix Are for Kiddos cone. We’re still trying to get Toucan Sam in for a taste test, but we’re not counting on it.


  • Coconut soft serve
  • Fruity cereal
  • Lime zest
  • House-made waffle cone

From the Creator

“Saturday morning cartoons were best enjoyed with a big bowl of your favorite colorful cereal. It just so happens that the coconut soft serve pairs beautifully with the lemon-grassy flavor of Trix.”

-Chris Dorsaneo