Lisa Turtle

Money speaks, sundaes speak louder

Available: All day, every day
Vegan Vegan
Tree Nuts Tree Nuts
Wheat Wheat
Soy Soy

Product Story

What more can we really say about Lisa Turtle, gossip queen of Bayside High School? She’s fashionable, a trendsetter, compassionate, and self-conscious. Each ingredient of our sundae represents a different aspect of her personality so if Lisa Turtle herself tried one, she’d approve.


  • Coconut soft serve
  • Vegan fudge brownie
  • Vegan chocolate & caramel sauces
  • Salty pecans
  • House-made churro

From the Creator

“We offer one vegan option per category on our menu (Churro Sundaes, Curated Cones, Churned Ups), so I created the Lisa Turtle Sundae after one of my fav Saved by the Bell characters. Plus, it’s one of my favorite items on the entire menu.”

– Jen Boye