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At this time, no one is allowed inside the dining area. A staff member will hand you your order at the door. We ask that you please observe the proper social distancing measures by wearing a mask and keeping at least 6ft away from others picking up their order.

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Quick Cup

Our coffee might be just as delicious as our soft serve

Available: All day, every day
$2.49 Small or $2.99 Large
Dairy-Free Dairy-Free
Soy-Free Soy-Free

Product Story

Coffee is easy to come by, but good coffee is a different story. Thanks to Tipico we have some of the best coffee you’ll find on Hertel Ave and beyond.


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From the Creator

“Our staff has spent time with the crew from Tipico to learn about coffee, how to pull the perfect shot of espresso, & make a latte like a pro. Plus, coffee and ice cream are a dream team.”

-Chris Dorsaneo